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Who are we?
Zeferral is a search tool to help patients and GPs find the right specialists and allied health professionals for their needs.
The aim is to empower the GP and patient with more transparency and autonomy to get the referral right the first time.
Currently, patients often return to their GP asking for a different referral as the original one didn't meet their needs. This is frustrating for the GP, the patient, and costly to medicare resources.
We understand that it's not always easy for the GP to know who to refer to. The GP might have just moved to the area from another state, or even another country, so it would be unrealistic to expect them to recommend the right specialist.
The patient may even want to do their own research and find a specialist that suits their specific criteria, even down to the language that they wish their specialist to speak.
The aim of Zeferral is to help facilitate this.
Zeferral About Us
My story
As a GP myself, who moved to Brisbane from Manchester, England in 2014, I felt very inadequate when patients would come to see me for a specialist recommendation. Due to time constraints, I would often have to do a quick internet search, pick one at random and hope for the best. Patients would often return asking for a different referral as the specialist I picked wasn't appropriate or might not be available within their desired time frame. I thought to myself, "there must be a better way to do this!?"
By specialists updating their skills/interests on their secure personal profile, the searching GP can feel confident they have found the right person. If the specialist uploads their availability on their individualised calendar, we can see who is available soonest and alleviate the stress of lengthy waiting times for a patient who may be anxious about a new diagnosis.
As we plan to donate part of the profits to various charities and medical research organisations, not only will Zeferral help both the GP and patient but hopefully many more.
We would like to thank all specialists, GPs and allied health specialists for their contribution, and helping us to help others.