We're helping GPs
Find the right specialist
We understand that it's not always easy for the GP to know who to refer their patient to.
You may have just moved to the area from another state, or even another country, so it would be unrealistic to expect you to instantly know who to recommend.
Hopefully this tool will help ease some of this pressure.
Advertise Yourself
Advertise yourself
Did you know you can also list yourself as a specialist? You are a specialist after all.
Do you have a specific skill that you want to advertise to the public?
Do you perhaps perform IUD insertions, MToPs or cutting edge skin procedures?
If you'd like to increase your exposure in certain areas, Zeferral can hopefully help.
Use keywords to search
Sometimes it can be difficult to know which specialist is appropriate for the specific need of the patient.
Say you need a rheumatologist for a patient with fibromyalgia?
How do you know the rheumatologist actually deals with this?
Or say you have a patient with haemochromatosis?
Do you need a haematologist/ hepatologist/ general physician/ gastroenterologist?
With Zeferral, we are encouraging the Specialist to update their special interest/skills in their profile, which can in turn be searched for within the keyword filter. We hope this takes out all the mystique of making a referral.
Remember, you are a specialist too, so if you want to sign-up and list your own niche skills/interests, you can do so, and help other GPs refer directly to you!
Search by keywords
Recommend specialists to help other
GPs refer with confidence
Let fellow GPs and patients know who you recommend and trust.
In doing so, you will be helping them to make good choices, whilst also helping to build your specialist relationships.
The specialists you have recommended will then be stored directly to your personal dashboard, making it easier to remember for future referrals.
In the coming months we will provide the ability to refer directly with handy built-in referral templates.
Recommend specialists